Get Tips On The Breeds That Are Most Compatible With Your Household.


Adopting a pet is a wonderful experience—except when it’s not. You may be looking for a canine companion the whole family will love, however, choosing the wrong type of dog will wreak havoc on your household. Some breeds love to dig and will claw their way to China using your vegetable garden as an entry point. Other breeds will bark and bark with incessant abandon.

If you want to find out which breeds are too difficult—or even too dangerous—to have as pets, read below. Discover which dog breeds NOT to adopt, according to veterinarians. Get the inside scoop on the breeds that will claw through the drywall inside your home. And get tips on the breeds that are most compatible with your household.



This breed is legendarily stubborn. Pekingese were bred to be lapdog companions by the ancient Imperial family of China. Some Pekingese were official royal dogs. These dogs retain their royal breeding with a haughty attitude and a strong disposition that commands respect. It’s very difficult to train a Pekingese since it believes it should be in charge and goes about this business with an entrenched obstinacy. This dog may even bite if it is disciplined harshly.

Well-socialized Pekingese are very loving with their owner and family, but strangers are treated as intruders. This makes the breed a great watchdog. They are extremely brave, considering their size. They will fight off strangers to death if determined to be a threat.

Afghan Hound

The aristocratic demeanor of this elegant-looking creature goes through to its personality. The Afghan Hound commands attention rather than seeking it out. Beneath the glamorous, long and shiny coat, you may be surprised to find a stalwart hunter. The Afghan Hound is an ancient breed dating back to the Egyptians and was also found in the Middle Eastern mountains where it was trained to leap after gazelle and smaller prey, like hare.

With a strong instinct and ability to run nimbly through mountain terrain, it requires plenty of outdoor exercises. Adopting an Afghan Hound comes with a commitment to daily exercise and coat care. With this level of attention, this dog is a calm and quiet four-legged friend who loves to jump in bed with you. While the Afghan can be trained to be good with children, it is not a playmate type of dog. This dog will be unhappy without attention and left to the backyard.

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