The Worst Exercises for People Over 40


There are many workouts that you can do, even if you’re over 40. Your joints and bones become weaker as you age. Also, your heart health isn’t the same. The same workouts you did in your 20s or 30s may not be suitable for your 40-year old self. Are you curious about which machines and moves to avoid in the gym as you get older? According to medical professionals, these are the most dangerous exercises for people in their 40s.

1. Crunches

Abs-targeted exercises won’t help you lose belly fat. You can lose weight by combining a balanced workout with a healthy diet. You can’t lose that spare tire if you don’t work your whole body. Abs exercises can be used to tone muscles that have lost fat and are already trim.

If you are middle-aged, crunches and situps can cause spinal problems. You can even sustain a spinal injury in extreme cases. Crunches can also cause strain to your neck and poor posture. Crunches can cause injury if you don’t keep your back straight while doing crunches.


Planks can be used as a substitute.

2. Cardiovascular tension

Cardio is a favorite activity of women, but it can be difficult for middle-aged people who are not used to doing extreme exercise. Your body will produce the hormone cortisol if it is under stress . This can cause you to gain weight . This is exactly the opposite of what you want!

Cardio includes jumping jacks. They are a great exercise for the whole body, but can be very damaging to your ligaments. High knees can also be very taxing on the ligaments, tendons, and joints. They can cause injury to the hip flexors and knees.

Cardio is good for your heart health if done in moderation. It can cause muscle damage if you are over 40 and engage in intense cardio routines. You can skip the 60-minute bootcamp class and instead opt for a shorter, more intense workout.

3. Squats

Squats are one the most effective and basic exercises for your legs and glutes. Older bodies are more vulnerable to injury, especially if there are weight bearing exercises. Squats can inflict injury to the lower back or knees if done incorrectly.

Squats can also add muscle to your hips making them appear wider. People mistakenly believe that the extra bulk is fat gain, when in fact it’s muscle gain. This is the area people want to lose weight and not be more noticeable. This is the one area you want to trim, as your metabolism slows after 40.

Lunges and step ups are good alternatives to squats.

4. Leg extensions

As you get older, leg extensions can cause knee pain. It can also cause serious problems if you are carrying heavy weights.

When you push a lot of weight, your knees won’t be able to extend fully. A leg extension machine can cause ankle and knee injuries. The equipment could lead to knee problems for younger people.

Try dumbbell lunges instead.

5. Deadlifts

Deadlifts can cause injury to your back if done incorrectly. For a few days, your lower back will hurt. You can even sustain a spinal injury. You can also injure your feet if you accidentally drop weights while deadlifting.

As you get older, you will find it more difficult to keep your form. As long as you maintain proper form, bent-over rows can be a great substitute for deadlifts.

6. Triceps dips

People often focus on their triceps. No one likes their arms to jiggle. It can be very painful and dangerous to position your arms incorrectly when performing this floor exercise. The tiny muscles in your upper arms and rotator wrists can easily be damaged.

You can also try single-arm triceps kickbacks or triceps pushups.

7. Behind the neck lat pulldowns

It is quite awkward to do this exercise if you are only gaining a small amount of weight. As your body begins to gain more weight, it places increasing pressure on your shoulders. This exercise can cause tears and shoulder strains in some people.



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